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Julie is honored to have the endorsement support of many elected officials, community leaders, parents, teachers, school staff, and others, representing a variety of viewpoints in our community - all of whom care about quality education. Endorsers' titles are for identification purposes only.

To join the list and endorse Julie, click here to provide your information and select the endorsement option.  Thank you for your support!

Elected Officials

Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

“I am proud to endorse Julie Olsen for the Saugus Union School District Board of Trustees.  Julie’s experience, her familiarity with education policy and best practices, and her commitment to the district will help move Saugus schools forward to deliver 21st-century learning.”

Betty Yee, California State Controller:

“Julie Olsen is a committed leader who brings great expertise and dedication to the education field. Through her private sector experience and public service as a volunteer in local public schools and nonprofit organizations mentoring youth and teaching financial fitness, Julie has a track record of improving the lives of our state’s youth. Julie has my full support and will be a strong addition to the Saugus Union School District School Board,” 

John Chiang, California State Treasurer:

“Julie Olsen is the most qualified candidate for the Saugus Union School District, Trustee Area 3.  Julie has both the financial acumen and education policy expertise necessary to be a successful trustee. She is a committed and active leader in the local schools and advocates for positive changes in the legislature to improve public education for all California children. Voters of the Saugus district can put their confidence in Julie to protect their tax dollars and ensure students receive the best education possible." 

Marsha McLean, Santa Clarita City Councilmember and Former Mayor:

“I am proud to know Julie Olsen and support Julie for a position on the Saugus School Board, Trustee Area 3.   Through working with Julie on several nonprofit fundraising events, I find Julie to be intelligent, enthusiastic, extremely caring and knowledgeable.  Julie has an ability to bring people together from different backgrounds and viewpoints and would be an excellent addition to the Saugus School Board.”

TimBen Boydston, Santa Clarita Councilmember:

“Julie Olsen is a bright and experienced leader, dedicated to our community and our schools.  I see her everywhere, working hard to make life better for children, supporting local nonprofit organizations and making significant contributions to the success of Saugus schools.  Julie will be an outstanding addition to the Saugus school board and she has my full support.”

Bruce Fortine, President of the Board of Trustees, Santa Clarita Community College District:

"I'm happy to endorse Julie Olsen for Saugus School Board. She is, by far, the most qualified candidate for Trustee Area 3. Students need the very best foundation at the elementary school level to be prepared for the rigorous demands of their secondary and college education and Julie has the knowledge and dedication to ensure successful implementation of the new standards and methods so they’ll be ready."

Christopher Trunkey, Governing Board Member, Saugus Union School District

Christy Smith, Governing Board Member, Newhall School District

David Pollock, City of Moorpark Mayor Pro Tem and former California School Boards Association President:

“I absolutely endorse Julie Olsen for Saugus Union School District’s Board. Julie’s extensive knowledge of public education policy and challenges, as well as her leadership experience in both the Saugus district and in the private sector, make her the best choice for the job. Her involvement and follow-through as a School Site Council President, PTA leader, and a member of the District’s Citizen Oversight Committee means she’ll be effective from day one.”

Gloria Mercado-Fortine, Education Consultant, and former Trustee, Wm.S.Hart District

"I'm proud to support Julie Olsen for Saugus School Board in Trustee Area 3. Julie is a very positive, open-minded professional who has a knack for bringing people of different views together to find and build upon common ground as a problem solver”, Gloria stated.

“I’ve spent many years serving on local school boards and know what it takes to be successful and Julie has what it takes. She is a learning professional and very active volunteer in our schools and in the community where she's demonstrated her unwavering commitment and follow-through to make Saugus’ great schools even better for all students.”

Juan Carrillo, President, Palmdale School District Board of Trustees

Lou Vince, Agua Dulce Town Council, LAPD Lieutenant, Marine Corps Veteran


UA Plumbers & Fitters Union Local 761

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12

Santa Clarita Gazette / Publisher Doug Sutton

Community Leaders/Members

Allison Vanderlip, Helmers/Saugus Parent Leader

Brooke Ritter, Business Owner, and Former Saugus District Student

Carol Rock, Business Owner, and Former Saugus District Parent

Cheryl Cameron, Elementary School Assistant Principal (Former Saugus Head Teacher Parent)

Click to view Mrs.Cameron's Letter to the Editor about Julie

Cheryl Goldburg, Communications Specialist, and Former Saugus District Parent

Cindy Moran, Radiology Technician, and Former Saugus District Parent

Collin Schoenfeld, Member of Saugus Bond Oversight Committee, Saugus parent, and Insurance Industry Executive

Cordell Webb, Project Manager in the Entertainment Industry

Dan Moran, Accountant, and Former Saugus District Parent

Denise Brown, Museum Curator, Youth Ministry Leader, Former Saugus District Parent

Diana Hartley, Teaching Assistant

Diana Sevanian, Registered Nurse

Edel Alonso, College Counselor, Past President of Faculty's Academic Senate at the Santa Clarita Community College District

Gary Cohen, Transportation Specialist

Greg Brown, Retired Building Inspector, and Former Saugus District Parent

Jason Endicott, General Manager in the Communications Industry

Janelle Lavelle, Former Saugus District Campus Supervisor, and Former Saugus District Parent

Janet Stanton, Artist, and SUSD Parent

Jessica Schlager, Helmers/Saugus Parent Leader, Scouting Leader, Occupational Therapist

John Casselberry, Jr., Learning & Development Specialist

Kiza Hilton, Business Owner

Kristy Perry, Helmers/Saugus Parent Leader

Lauren Lefkowitz Greber, Realtor

Laurie Norman, Past President, CSEA Chapter 112 SUSD

Lee Rogers, Medical Director, Amputation Prevention Centers of America

Logan Smith, Student at College of the Canyons, and Former Saugus District Student

Louis Walker, Marketing Executive, Member of Saugus District Communications Committee, and Saugus District Parent

Majken Nilsson, Homemaker, and Former Executive Assistant

Marci Gabriel, English Teacher, Literacy Specialist, ELD Teacher, Special Needs Awareness Facilitator, SUSD Parent

Melanie Paulsen, Attorney, HFA Director, and Saugus District Parent

Melinda Hancsicsak, Helmers/Saugus Parent Leader, and Former Office Manager

Michael Cruz, Chairperson, Santa Clarita Parks & Recreation Commission

Nancy Torres

Nerissa Black, Registered Nurse

Nicky Dare, Author, Disaster Prep Expert, and Nonprofit Organization Founder

Richard Mathews, Scientist and Computer Engineer

Rick Drew, Business Owner, and President Board of Directors Canyon Country Advisory Committee

Spencer Leafdale, Retired, Los Angeles Police Department

Stacie DeBerry, Vice President in Financial Services Industry, and Former Saugus District Parent

Stuart Wagner, Vice President, Bank of America

Susan Whitebook, Teacher, Saugus Union School District, and former Saugus District Parent:

"Julie Olsen will be an excellent choice for school board. I have spoken to her numerous times about education in Saugus and she is well informed & her ideas will benefit both students & educators. I highly endorse Julie Olsen!"

Terry Prather, Business Owner, and Member of Saugus District Bond Oversight Committee

Thomas O'Shaughnessy, DSCC and Irish-American Caucus Chair

T. Curtiss, U.S. Department of Defense

Tracy Kuncar, Past Helmers PTA President, and Saugus District Parent

Tre Conway, Helmers/Saugus Parent Leader, Owner of EduScout L.A., Board Member of Parents Education League of L.A.

Tyger White, President of the SCV Interfaith Council

Vanessa Nixon, Retired Police Sergeant, and Saugus District Parent

William Reynolds, President of Santa Clarita Valley Veterans Memorial, Inc., and Director of Veteran Affairs at The Signal:

"Julie has earned my confidence as an excellent, caring mother and PTA member as she routinely displays deep concern for her community, fellow citizens and our local education system.  She is a cancer survivor - a true warrior and champion of our common good and she wants to give back to our wonderful city.  Stated simply, I trust her judgment!"


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